Small motor hotend lifter.

  • So, i'm looking into making a dual extruder machine and I've settled on having a second E3D hotend which is strapped to a small section of linear rail. Only one hotend will have this and will then be lifted by a lightweight motor. My question is, what motor? It only needs to lift in one direction, and a spring will return it to its normal position so the motor only needs enough power to overcome the spring. Preferably not a stepper, as this means getting the duex expansion board and whilst I'm not against this, it makes for an expensive upgrade. I'm considering a solenoid motor. They seem cheap and can easily come in at less than 100 grams if not lighter.

    What would others choose? How would a solenoid be hooked up to the duetwifi?

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    If the solenoid draws no more than about 1.5A, you could connect it to a fan output. But you must connect a flyback diode in parallel with the solenoid to protect the MOSFET.

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