Check Filament before printing

  • Hey,
    I was wondering if it's possible for the DuetWifi to check the currently loaded Filament before starting a print job, as it has happened, that the wrong filament was loaded. This happens especially when having multiple gcode files for different filaments on the SD-card.
    Surely the slicer would need to put the information about what filament to use into the gcode.

    Is there any functionality like this in the RepRap firmware already?

    Matthias, JMT3D

  • @jmt_3d In slic3r's print settings in the output options, for example, I have added PLA_ to the output filename to a saved PLA print settings. I also have different ones for each filament type.

  • Well that's the easy solution... 😄
    Seriously did not think about that. Thanks!
    But I'm still curious if there is a way to do it in firmware.

  • administrators

    That's one for chrishamm to answer, because he write the filament management and implemented the M701-M703 commands.

    As with many other things, a check will be easy to implement when we have added support for conditional GCodes and the RRF object model.


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