Xinkebot Orca 2 Cygnus with Duet Ethernet/Panel Due 7i

  • Hello! I wanted to thank everyone that assisted me during two (2) of my latest builds. John you were very helpful, Thank you very much. I have attached photos of the new Xinkebot Orca 2 Cygnus with Duet Ethernet/ Panel Due 7i and the large format printer (1500mm x 1000mm x 1500mm) running a Duet Wifi and Panel Due 7i. They are both operating extremely well and the prints are amazing!!! Vernon Buchanan!!0_1543460103942_20181128_161736.jpg 0_1543460182644_Xinkebot Orca 2 Ctgnus.jpg 0_1543460284872_Large Printer.jpg 0_1543460322541_20mm test cube.jpg 0_1543460337958_20mm test cube 2.jpg

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