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  • I have a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v3.2 and I want to convert it to use the Duet Smart Effector instead of the effector it came with. I have the wiring pinout for the whip for the SE300. They have 3.3v power, z probe mod, ground and z probe in all with their own wires while the layer fan and parts cooling fans are only supplied with one wire which provides I believe the positive power and they are using the ground for either the probe connections or the ground from the hot end heater as a common ground. There is also a positive and negative wire for the hot end heater and 2 white wires for the thermistor.

    So when I terminate the wires with the Duet supplied pins and connector housings, can I just put the positive wires for the 2 fans in the appropriate spots? Or do I need to run 2 more negative wires for each?

  • Duet controls PWM on fans by switching the NEGATIVE wire.

  • Since the RMv3.2 came with the Duetwifi as the controller, then I should hook those wires to the pwm pin on the smart effector.

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    We strongly recommend that you keep the signal ground and power ground wires separate.

    The signal wires are on the 8-pin connector. You need to use at least 5 of them: 2 for the thermistor, ground, +3.3V and sensor output. If you want to be able to program the effector sensitivity, you also need sensor in. The remaining 2 wires are only needed if you use a PT100 temperature sensor and you want to use a 4-wire connection.

    The power connector has hot end heater + and -, heatsink fan + and -, and print cooling fan + and -. You can common all the + wires if the fans and heaters all use the same voltage. So 4 wires minimum.

  • There are enough wires for all the sensor wires and ground. I found out that SeeMeCNC based their SE300 board on the Duet Smart effector. But they did not make it so an E3Dv6 could be mounted, just their hot end. I think I have this figured out now.

  • I ended up running 2 more wires for my hot end and part cooler fans. Now they work.

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