Calibration Issues

  • I have two sets of images one and two.

    The printer is using a Titan Aero with Volcano and e-steps are calibrated to the material. Red is PLA, white is ngen. Both filaments are within spec.

    In the first set, it is sliced with slic3r PE, with a 0.4mm nozzle (brass, p3-d coated), and you can see certain parts missing after it rounds a corner. This corner is the where the seam is. It seems to be slowing down towards that corner (before it raises Z) and afterwards it has that issue with material missing. The other objects include parts of infill seem to exhibit the same issue. Retraction is about 1mm.

    In the second set, sliced with s3d, it seems to do the same thing with that one corner, and around the cone on the top of the model. Retraction is only about 1.25mm.

    I am beginning to suspect something with the volcano, but I am not sure how I could even verify it. I do not have a ready replacement for the extruder or hot end due to the the mounting arrangements.

    The board is a duet maestro running the latest beta firmware. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you using pressure advance?

  • I am not.

  • I am not really sure how to calibrate it either.

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    The prints look pretty good overall, but the volcano can be a bit harder to dial in due to the larger melt chamber.

    Can you post your config.g and a breakdown of your slicer settings?

    For calibration, start with getting your E steps correct.

    For pressure advance on a direct drive start with a value of 0.05. If you have coasting or wipe enabled in the slicer, disable it.

    For your first picture it looks like maybe jerk is set too high or speed too high for the first layer.

    Just a few ideas without seeing your settings.

  • config:

    I use esteps configuration per filament.

    Cube settings from gcode: (slic3r)

    and the calibration object settings: (s3d)

    I am not entirely certain what would be important and what might not be.

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    Not sure if it's related, but your Y acceleration is very low and mismatched for the X axis.

    M201 X500 Y40 Z400 E350 ; Set accelerations (mm/s^2)

    Try raising it to match the X axis as a start.

    I can't see anything else that is a smoking gun.

    I'd start with dialing in retraction. The volcano isn't as responsive as a V6 style hotend, so you may want to reduce retraction a bit even if it means a little bit of stringing, and then using adding in pressure advance to hopefully reduce it further.

  • @phaedrux Please explain pressure advance, is this a setting in S3D or in the config file?

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    It's a firmware feature. The aim is to reduce nozzle pressure before the end of an extrusion move to reduce blobs and over extrusion.

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