PanelDue Lock feature

  • Reference to this old locked topic.

    Is this feature already implemented? My son "accidentally" 😂 paused a print and such a feature would be good to have around.

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    Not implemented yet, but on the wish list for the next major version of PanelDueFirmware.

  • @dc42 Thank you!!

  • One way to implement a hardware lock is simply to put a toggle switch in the power line (plus, not ground). Literally power it off when it is not being used. When powered up, it will "re-sync" itself.

    Neither "disappearing" or "reappearing" will affect the actual Duet and/or print job progress.

    DC42 and the folks at Duet/Escher can't really "recommend" or "support" this, because, in theory, power cycling COULD cause some kind of problem someday... and power cycling just flatly makes design engineers uncomfortable. 🙂

    However, as an end user, I can say I've unplugged and re-plugged PanelDue devices from Duets that were printing, many times. I've even upgraded PanelDue firmware (unplug, carry to computer, upgrade, carry back to printer, plug in) during the middle of a multi day print.

    Your decision...

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