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    I'm losing my mind. The left model is a print from my Prusa, decent speeds and acceleration and jerk.

    The right is from my completely custom promega. All idlers have been replaced with high quality ones, genuine 6mm Gates belts, Z converted to linear rails, X converted to dual linear rails, perpendicular, etc, etc, etc. It is awesome. If I just push the nozzle with my finger in any direction, it moves the carriage and/or entire machine, there is no slop at all.

    That right model was printed with 40mm perimeters and low acceleration.

    I'm at the end of my rope.

    What the heck can it be?

    My acceleration is so low, it goes wooOooOOooOOOOoOOOOOO as it speeds up.

  • Maybe you can try a different Filament?

    It seems that the extrusion is more or less not the same cause it seems to go up and down a little bit. Looks for me more as bad filament or your Bowden have to much play. Or moisture in the filemant. Too much pressure on the Extruder?


  • @mos-tekknix they were both proto pasta, the right one was taken right out of the sealed bag. No Bowden.

  • You might want to look at this thread: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/5951/periodicity-of-ringing

  • @mrehorstdmd it's 97 pages long, maybe there's a summary?

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    It's a very odd sort of ringing, on the top surface instead of on one of the sides.

    What is your E steps/mm?

  • @dc42 Those are printed on an edge, so it's not the top surface, every surface is technically an overhanging side surface.

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    While printing, the 100% speed looks smooth, I then increase it to 200% and you can see the roughness. The actual speed of movement didn't change noticeably. It's a small model, so it's possible that there just wasn't enough distance to accelerate.

    What can differ between 100% and 200% when the movement is marginally faster, at best?

  • I evolved with my own design Corexy, I use large diameter drive pullies so the belts run outside guide rods and bushings, looks great but heavy ringing all of the time. Steps per MM set at 39.3125. So I added a step down pulley and belt with a reduction of about 4 to 1. Great improvement. then I replaced the 1.8 steppers with 0.9 steppers, wow, really smooth print, now steps per MM is 263.

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