Heater Fault troubleshooting

  • My printer recently developed a heater fault error during a print. Now the error occurs every time I try to heat up the hot end.

    Is there an easy way to isolate the cause of the problem?

    (I’m using a PT100 sensor)

  • What kind of heater fault?

  • "Error: Heating fault on heater 1, temperature rising much more slowly than expected 1.4°/sec"

  • It's already isolated to the heater circuit. Either the heater isn't getting hot or the temperature sensor is giving false readings or less likely, both.

    Inspect the wiring to the heater and temperature sensor, including connectors/screw terminals. Make sure the heater and sensor are solidly coupled to the heater block. Check power supply voltage with the heater on and off- it should not change more than 0.1V or so). Sometimes a cable will become intermittent due to flexing too much, especially if you bend the cables in a tight radius using a drag chain. Check the resistance of the heater and the sensor at the controller end of the cable. When you check the resistance, flex the cables back and forth- the resistance should not change.

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