Automatic toolchange on filament runout ?

  • Hello,

    is it possible to do an automatic tool change when the filament runs out ?
    I am using simple micro switches to detect when filament run out.

    I am using an Y-adapter at the moment with three tools using the same heater.
    One of them T2 (no stepper motor) is just for preheat without free and post macros. I preheat it to do z-probing via a piezo probe to soften filament that may stick to the nozzle.
    The other two tools T0,T1 , each with their own stepper motor, have free and post commands to retract/feed the filament to the correct positions of the y-adapter.

    I would feed the same filament&color to the y-adapter when I print some filament that will run out during print so it can automatically proceed by switching to the other tool.
    So I don't want it to be active all the time to switch over automatically.

    Any example code/gcode/pointers to documents/help.. is welcome.

    I am using duet wifi 1.02, firmware 2.02rc5, wifi server 1.21, web-interf 1.22.5

    Thank you

  • administrators

    This isn't possible yet. However, someone else has asked for a user script to be run when a filament error is detected, and if that is implemented then it could be used to change tools.

  • @dc42 Thank you very much for the information 👍

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