Heavy customized Prusa i2

  • Think to write something my "old" printer project what works like charm nowadays too 🙂 All begins year 2013 when my friend give idea to print parts him own printer and thats start my 3d printing journey 🙂

    Default 8mm threaded rod frame replace with 10mm threaded rod frame. Other parts are quite simple (linear rods, linear bearings and stepper motors buy good manufactorer) other parts started cheap models. Maybe because that almost anything else parts are changes new/better ones.. last years 🙂

    Little list what modifield:

    • Y and X axle bearings change bigger ones and bearing side to side on belt to keep that center of main bearings.
    • China hotend change after couple months clone V6, what changed after about 1year original E3D V6 and after that not problems at all with hotend 🙂
    • Part cooling fan added and controlled via firmware.
    • Raspberry pi2, octoprint and camera open wlan connection to machine and can monitored different rooms etc via cellphone. Very nice system indeed, but not needed anymore because Duet 2 wifi 🙂
    • China PCB hotbed change to 200W silicon pad. Whole bed changes different. I 3d design under plate and upper plate and take design local Metal milling company and they laser cut that plates on good quality 4mm aluminium, after that not any more curvy bed or something like that 🙂
    • Arduino mega changed to Kickstarter project Re-Arm 32bit prosessor to Ramps. (running Smoothieware firmware). Ramps default drivers changed over years one time DRV8825 and some newer models but not remember what type.
    • Z axle switch deleted allway and china 12mm induction sensors goes with resistor divider to ramps. After that Aluminium bed comes and but Buildtak directly that aluminium bed i changed induction sensor Omron 18mm version to get bigger distance to bed. (12mm sensor almost hit bed before take status.) After that auto bed leveling is very good solution if ask my opinion.
    • "X carrier" is drawed almost 9times new versions 🙂 Because inductions sensor, v6 wind tunnel (hotend fan) etc. Mostly sad thing that 3d model is inside sketchUp and that so hard and messy software to do engineer/mechanic 3d design. Nowadays use Onshape and love that.
    • Mendelmax jhead time gentre extruder with big printed drivetrain and diy hopped bolt changed first mk8 direct drive and own printed extruder. Abou after 1year i changed that E3D titan extruder and be very happy for that. Same time when direct drive comes i changed my printer bowlen style and use nowadays that too on bowlen.
    • Z axle 8mm threaded rods change on trapetsoil rods with 8mm pitch, now 2mm pitch versions are waiting to change to get little more resolution to Z axle motors. (thinking mostly bed leveling on printing).
    • First years cheap 12v power supply takes of system and change Corsair ATX power deliver power motors and heatbed/hotend. Same time add control pin to firmware start powersupply when printing starts and keep that 2minutes running after print (hotend fan spinning and cool hotend) and shutdown after that. Now duet does that much easier with temperature monitoring fan. Only thing that ATX power need to leave ON after print, but not big problem.
    • Printer bolted to 22mm wood panel and put soft rubber feet under printer. (helps little bit give resonance noises out).
    • Normally printed 95% time something mechanical or engineer parts, not much figures on something. Use 70% PETG filament and 30% PLA.

    Quite long list, hopefully someone read that and sorry my poor english language skill this point 🙂

    Duet 2 Wifi is now running "inside" printer now 2-3days and that work like charm. Very very nice properties:

    • firmware every file editor inside web control is awesome feature.
    • So fast boot time is very nice too, Octoprint started little while, not too long, but Duet is so much faster.
    • Macros are awesome, need to time learn to use every good thing there.
    • Web control print state window shows very good amount information and be very simple to read.
    • Of course Stepper drivers are awesome not any noise and i get my steppers working over hald of current what i get steppers work on Ramps. Ramps i need almost 1.5-1.8A otherwise couple times print get losing steps. Now i but 900mA all axis and amazing how good that works, almost not get them skip if try to brake axis with hand. Maybe them work most little current, but all steppers are almost cold after long prints and thinked maybe that current is ok. Z i have two motors on series (use two headers on Duet 2 board) if i am right not need douple current Z because that is connector series.
    • I am pretty sure not know every good features on Duet 2 yeat but hopefully i learn and find that 🙂 Of course all tips and hints are welcome.
    • PanelDue 7" just arrive today on E3D. Now printing frame for that and attach to display hopefully weekend next to printer. Quite big screen, but that little compare to price 5".
    • Last but not least Duet3D forums are very good. Get so fast tips and hints problems when i start with duet3d and installing that. Biggest thanks goes to @dc42

    One question:

    • Can i get buttons and value field somewhere on duet control. Think to get buttons up and down (printing speed percentage M220) and valuefield to see what is percentage that moment?

    Couple photos my printer:






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    @lassivv, thanks for describing and showing us your printer. I'm happy that the Duet is working well for you.

    In answer to your questions:

    Z i have two motors on series (use two headers on Duet 2 board) if i am right not need douple current Z because that is connector series.

    That is correct, you don't need to double the current.

    Can i get buttons and value field somewhere on duet control. Think to get buttons up and down (printing speed percentage M220) and valuefield to see what is percentage that moment?

    The Print page of both PanelDue and the Job Status page of Duet Web Control both display the current speed factor already, and allow you to change it.

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    It looks like you have the Duet mounted with the bottom of the board quite close to the mount. You may want to consider adding more of an air gap to the bottom side.

    Also it looks like it's buried on the underside of the printer surrounded by wires. This may lead to wifi connection issues. Just something to be aware of.

    Otherwise looking good.

  • @dc42 Thanks for confirmation that current thing on z axis.

    Just totally missed that "speed factor" setting both web control and duetpanel. Very nice that be there 🙂

    @Phaedrux There is about 10mm space between under pcs --> printed mount. I know this kind of IC:s (stepper ic:s) cooled otherside to board, but do this solution because i have very low currents (900mA~ per driver) and i have quite powerfull active cooling with fan, what is always full power when my atx power is on. Of course if want update something can printed that mount again with 20-30mm supports to give little more airspace under to pcb, but not know is that necessery.

    Yeah that wifi placement is other thing what i thinked before, but wire management is so good with this solution i think to try how Wifi works. Now seems that gives me about 60db values when i couple times checked that on console command. Maybe some day i move my printer different room what is little bit longer distance my wifi point. Read somewhere @dc42 text where he talked something to external antenna on Duet2, but is that possible add diy, or is that different wifi module totally? Now printer works very good and no disconnects, but when but that longer distance that wifi point maybe some problems then.

    Little bit more updates to machine and new X garriage almost ready, (looks quite heavy, but not be). Induction sensor place is now intecrated that near hotend than possible, "wind tunnel" is bigger to cool hotend cool sink, same time fan updated 40mm version Noctua, part cooling fan updated Sanyo Denki good quality radial fan and new better nozzle is designed too.

    Have some problems to get macros show on Paneldue when started printer. Check forum and finded that is allready fixed bug and first time update firmware to panel. Thinked panel can be updates same way like Duet firmware, but need that extra software (Bossa) and usb cabel. Still no problem quite easy update and now have newest software inside Paneldue.

    Printer mount paneldue to printer and design fast remove/attach system to get panel easily remove to printer and get more space if need update printer or service that. Same time i added hardwired Button to E0 endstop and configured that Emernency stop for now. Think to change that maybe "Pause" button or something, but now that is attached and wired to printer and easy to do what ever command to that button. I try one time that "pause" button on webcontrol. Works otherwise ok but when but resume and z axle drive 10mm down and continue printing. Extruder extrude filament that time when z axle going that 10mm down. But i think i find answer that inside resume.g or pause.g files.

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