SD card issue

  • My Duet3d 2 WiFi was working perfectly up to yesterday, once restarted this morning, it would not load files to the SD card (mounted in slot 0 on the Paneldue).
    The file structure was visible and it was possible to delete files but uploading reported an error.
    The G-Codes Files page header showed that SD Card 0 was mounted and a greyed out G-Codes Directory.
    The previously loaded g-code files were listed in the files panel.
    While checking out the problem, I created a new directory which appeared as a sub directory of the G-Codes Directory which now displayed as open (Blue colour) and the greyed out new directory. It was now possible to upload my G-Code files to this sub directory but attempting to upload to the G-Codes Directory still generated an error.
    Any explanation as to what is going on?

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    Slot 0 is the micro SD socket on the Duet. The SD card socket on the PanelDue is slot 1.

  • Apologies, I should have realised that myself! Anyway, I removed the SD card from the Duet3d, cleaned the contacts and reinserted the card, this seems to have solved the initial problem. dc42's reply led me to investigate why the Paneldue card was not initialising I'm using a 16GB class 1 Toshiba exceria card which I reformatted using the latest version of SD Formatter. This still fails to initialise, and generates an M21 error, as did a 2GB class 1 Scandisk card, any ideas on how to solve?

  • Hi.

    Have you read this? How is it connected?

  • @aidar said in SD card issue:


    Have you read this? How is it connected?

    Thanks for your reply, I read this article when I was initially setting up the duet3d, I used the 4 way cable because of the 400mm length restriction when using the ribbon cable but missed the bit about using the additional ribbon cable, I'll try that later when I've procured the connectors

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