I2C on DuetWifi

  • Is it possible to use the I2C pins (TWD0 and TWCK0) straight off of the DuetWifi?

    Does it have pullup resistors already?

    Or do I need to connect the Duex5 in order to use I2C?

    Btw, I'm using Duet2 V1.03. I've used I2C from the Duex5 for my perihperal I2C device before, but now I'm trying straight from the DuetWifi and its not working. The Duex is not available to me right now for testing.

  • Found the schematics. The answer is: the 3.3V pullups are on the duex5 and not on the duet, so I gots to add my own pullups.

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