WIFI times out, module turns off randomly

  • Anyone else had problem where the duet can be connected to via one device, but not others... i can connect to it on my phone.. but not my laptop or pc.. or sometimes vise versa.. which is killing my productivity right now since all my files are on my pc and i cant connect to my duet board to upload them.. I have to connect via USB, turn off the wifi module, reenable it.. and then it works for a day.. if im lucky.. sometimes not even letting anything connect to it at all so my printer becomes useless outside of the job it may or may not have running. When do get it to connect im lucky if i get 25kbs upload of files.

    Latest webserver and all other firmware used... tried backdating with no impovement. This happens since i got the printer about 6 months ago and has been getting worse and worse and worse..

    Router.. various.. this thing has been on multiple networks, in AP mode, across the house or next the router making no difference.. channels changed to least traffic, even on its own private network router so NO other traffic I have these issues. i dont get JSON timeouts when connect.. just full time out of response of the web control all together when connecting to the IP of the duet

    Printer: SeeMeCNC RostockMAX 3.2

  • Which firmware version are you running?

    Also do you have a panel due attached? If you do just create a macro to restart the wifi module instead of doing it through USB.

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  • @timcurtis67 If read my post you would see, latest webserver and firmware, and tried backdating with no change. No Paneldue in use at all.

  • @phaedrux, as stated in my post its NOT a json timeout.. the printer simply doesnt send any data while is connected so i get a timeout when even trying to access the web control page. When does connect it has 20-40kbs transfer at best. And in AP mode, still fails to connect occasionally as well as still slow speeds. All my network debugging has already been done. I am looking at hardware direct problem more likely now.

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    @webercreative there is more general troubleshooting information in that link than just JSON timeouts.

  • I have a issue occasionally where the wifi module just looses wifi connection and only reconnect on a printer restart (not tried USB things yet).

    Another issue I have noticed is that when you connect to the webinterface when the printer is starting up there is a chance it will never load even though the duetwifi wifi module light is on.

    However nothing you're describing.

    Is the blue light on the wifi module off/blinking/on?

  • @WeberCreative I was having problems with connection dropping out, I reset the router and checked the signal strength with M122. I was at -73dBm which is inconsistent. Got a $15 dollar wifi extender (which is crap honestly but I am only using it for the printer) and its now at a -60dBm.

  • Solved.. the DUET supplied 4 Gig microsd card was failing.. All that work trying to diagnose what SHOULD only be related to the wifi module itself.. swap to a new microSD and havent dropped connection once.. and upload speeds went from ~30kbs to a steady 600+

  • @underdonesushi my signal strength was always 49 or better. @Nemesis it connected to the router fine.. just nothing could communicate with it 99% of the time. or slow as hell speeds when it did. Last resort was try a new microSD which shouldnt be related to wifi connectivity at all since all that is stored on the wifi module.. that fixed all the issues

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    @webercreative I guess if the SD card was having trouble writing the transfers would time out.

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