Layer shifting

  • Hi,

    I put this question here because I have no idea what is due, I explain the problem:

    • Delta printer
    • PETG
    • Printing speed 45 mm / s
    • Temperatures: 240/75
    • Layer height: 0.15 mm

    The problem occurs after the first layers, never at the same height, many times, only occurs once in the entire model, sometimes occurs, 2 or 3 times.

    What happens is that the layers move, maybe 1 mm, at most 2, the first few times I pass, I thought it was because the straps of the towers were not tense, and I tensed, the same thing happened to me again . Then I thought they were very tense ... and loosen them, but nothing. The same.

    The only thing that occurs to me at some point, the engine of a tower loses steps ... but is there any way to check this?

    I am using thiese currents in config.g:

    M906 X1200 Y1200 Z1200 E800 I40

    How do you see them?

    Two main doubts:

    How can I check if some engine is losing steps?
    What are the recommended currents for Nema 17 motors?

    P.D .: I take this post to congratulate Christmas to all .... Even David. XD.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Let's see if Santa Klaus brings you an OLSSON RUBY

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    You could configure stall detection to report any stalls.

    Current should be set around 85% of the motors rated max current.

    Is the plastic curling and getting caught on the nozzle? Maybe you need to add some Z hop.

  • administrators

    Which Duet are you using, and what is the specification of the motors?

  • Its a Duet 2 board with 2.02RC7(RTOS) (2018-12-22b2) firmware... And until tomorrow i hace no acces ti motors, are stocks motors, Nena 17 of 1.8 degrees

  • there are many different nema 17 motors. each with their own current rating.
    also is it a duet wifi/ethernet/maestro.

    are you using 12v or 24v?

  • Duet 2 wifi and 24v

  • @peirof Since you're using PETG, is the nozzle leaving blobs behind? The blobs left behind would cause skips when they got left behind and when I upgraded to the silicon socks on my e3dv6, the blobs disappeared.

  • Maybe.... i have blobs with PETG....

    I will try

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