Precision Piezo Orion on delta

  • I have an Orion on a tevo LM and it works perfectly but I cannot get the same results on my smaller delta. The issue I am seeing is that some of the probing on the left side of the printer (when standing in front) don't probe at all or hit the bed and only trigger after a lot of force has been applied, usually resulting in one of the mag arm to come off or unseat itself.

    I have a video of the probing process that should better demonstrate what I am trying to explain.
    Calibration vid

    I just cannot work out why i am seeing differences based on the probe location.

    In my config I have the following

    M558 P8 I1 R0.4 F300 X0 Y0 Z0 H10

    I do 16 probe points on the bed within my bed.g file.

    Here are some images to show the effector setup
    2_1545998795850_IMG_0191.jpeg 1_1545998795850_IMG_0192.jpeg 0_1545998795849_IMG_0193.jpeg

  • There are a couple of things that could be causing the issue that you're seeing but they all come down to one thing, something is different about the left side of your printer compared to the right. It could be that the belts have slightly different tensions. Or that the infill pattern of your effector makes one side stiffer than another or something else like that.

    My suggestions for trouble shooting would be to move things around and see whether the problem also moves. For example you could turn the effector by 120deg and see whether the affected area of the bed also moves.

    I also notice that in a couple of places the probe triggers as soon as it starts to move, are you using a delay before probing? I'm concerned that the inertial of all the parts that you have hanging off the heatsink may be causing problems, ideally all the fans would be mounted to the effector, not the heatsink.


  • If I turn the effector 120 then the issues track with the turn, again I am not sure what that means but suspect it removes belt tension as a cause

    I have removed the fan shroud to see if that makes a difference and it doesn't. I will be designing a new one that hangs off of the piezo mount anyway.

    I have been adjusting the sensitivity a little bit and have found the extra 558 switches i can use. I will be increasing the probe number and increasing the delay time which should stop the false triggers.

    I also read someone to try backing off the piezo mount screws, i did really tighten them so that may help.

    I have a new effector to try so will do all that first. See what difference it makes and then start changing one thing at a time.
    Any other idea's would still be helpful.

  • If the problem follows the effector then it suggests that the issue is something downstream (closer to the nozzle) than the effector/rod interface. Looking at your picture it the effector appears somewhat thin, depending on your infill and particularly the number of top and bottom layers it's possible that one corner is slightly more or less flexible.

    Definitely try backing off the assembly screws a bit.


  • Think I may have cracked it. Got a new effector, same design but bigger magnets. I backed off the screws 1/4 turn and that seems to have helped. I might need to tweak the sensitivity a little as I do see the odd false trigger just before probing. Although what is weird is that the red light goes out but there is no blue light.

    Solved it by using the A parameter on the M558 command to probe multiple times and slowed down the probe speed.

    Getting some really good results on bed leveling which was the whole reason to rebuild the thing in the first place.

  • @moriquendi Frome some days ago... i have the same issue.

    In 2/3 of bed, Precision Piezo works great... but in 1/3, near a tower (Its a delta), i have hard taps....

    If i tap manual in 2/3, with a light touch, light changes to blue.... but if i close the print head to the problematic tower.... i need a hard touch until light changes to blue....

  • Hi,

    in my case, i have find it the solution....


    In some points of bed, i have hard taps when usin PPO...


    Some days ago... i changed config.g.... seems the same, but no. Steps for mm, was changed... This caused that head dont move spected, causing hard taps, and problems with prints, as after 20 layers, nozzle touch printed...


    Recalibrate steps for mm.

    The method used.... bufff. Someone knows how calibrate of precise maner?


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