• I am setting up my DuetWifi on my printer. When I have the extruder connected to E0 and I try to extrude there is a buzzing sound coming from the stepper motor, it does not move, and a Short-To-Ground on driver 3 error keeps popping up in the web interface. When I move the extruder stepper wires from the E0 header to the E1 header and reboot the DuetWifi the errors go away and I can extrude perfectly. This indicates to me that there is something wrong with the E0 stepper driver. Based off other posts and what I know about the TMC2660 driver this indicates that one of the MOSFETs in the stepper driver has shorted out. Can I get confirmation of this so Filastruder can issue an warranty exchange?

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    I agree, it does sound that the E0 stepper driver is faulty. Please ask Filastruder to exchange your Duet.

  • I actually had this exact problem while using an E3D strong but compact motor (0.9 degree type). There are four pins, it turned out that I needed to switch pin 2 and 4 in order to make it work. You may need to switch pin 1 and 3 if it doesn’t work. I figured this out by using a multimeter to measure the Ohms between each pair of coils. If you have a pair, it will be around 3-8 ohms otherwise it will be infinity.

    I also verified the Duet was OK by using a known good motor on that driver.

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