Creailty CR 10S PRO - Mounting and wiring a Duet 2 wifi

  • Upgrading the CR 10S PRO

    I started this journey purchasing an Ender 3 from Craigslist and immediately pre ordering a Creality CR 10S PRO. I’ve had the Ender 3 for a month or so and the bigger CR 10S PRO for about 2 weeks. I am infatuated with the fact that I can make and print useful things around the house and for everyday life. I am also a tinkerer and love to change, modify and upgrade everything and anything. I have what they call “upgraditis”. That being said, I ordered (2) Duet 2 wifi boards and (1) i7 Paneldue screen. My test unit was going to be the Ender 3, that I knew for sure!

    I upgraded the power supply to a Meanwell, the hotend to an E3D V6 (Gold edition – 1.75 24v), the extruder to a Bondtech BMG and then the final upgrade once everything was installed and working the next upgrade was the main board. I also added a capacitive sensor and attached it to the E3D V6 mount hanging off the left side of the nozzle but wasn’t able to connect it since the Ender 3 main board doesn’t support ABL. I started by printing this Duet 2 tray from Thingiverse and removing the old guts and push button LCD screen as I found it pretty much worthless since the bed wasn’t anywhere close to level and trying to toggle around that menu was rather daunting. After wiring everything up and getting the board mounted the rest of the upgrade was mostly programing the Duet 2 wifi which was a breeze with the help of @dc42 & @phaedrux. I have learned a lot in the past 72 hours, to say the least. The Ender 3 install came out so good and the features that the Duet 2 wifi board brought are so satisfying that I am itchy to install the Duet 2 board in the BRAND new CR 10S PRO, but I have a few hurdles to overcome. Well, only two, really…. 1) mounting the board inside the chassis. Chassis height inside is only 50mm and there are no other mounting brackets other that the 4 screws that old on the old board which is in a confined area and around other components. Not to mention the stock board is smaller than the Duet 2. 2) The extruder heater cartridge, thermistor, filament runout sensor, both fans, X axis endstop and stepper motor are all wired directly to a current board via a ribbon cable. Each components wires go to a mini circuit board next to the extruder and from there a ribbon cable. That ribbon cable goes to the main board. I haven’t opened up the circuit board, but my guess is that a lot of the components share 12v or 24v via command rail because its only a 30 pin connector.

    I have battled with myself on what and how I’m going to do this upgrade. Do I change everything over and wire it directly like a normal printer, or do I make a 30 pin to “whatever the hell I need” wiring harness? I’m sure there are other ways about this, too, which is why I created this post. Does anyone have any recommendation for these 2 mild issues I have to overcome?
    ![2_1546215940231_20181230_183942.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![1_1546215940231_20181230_183841.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1546215940231_20181230_180743.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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    If the hot end heater, heatsink fan and print cooling fan all use the VIN voltage, then they can share a common +VIN wire between the Duet and the hot end. The filament sensor and X endstop may be able to share a common ground wire. However, i do not recommend sharing that ground wire with the heatsink fan. Also the two thermistor wires should not be shared with anything else.

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