How do i connect IR Z probe from pibot 5V

  • Hello , i order yesterday duet wifi control board , my previous was geeetech GT 2560 with pibot 5V rev1.3 IR Z probe
    now i read , that endstops are 3.3 volt do i need to place a resitor between ground and signal ? i did not on my geeetech board.
    To take 5 volt from the board what connector do i have to use ?

    kind reagards stefaan

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    If the pibot won't work on 3.3V then you will need to use a 1:2 potential divider to reduce the output to 3.3V. Suitable resistor values would be 5.1K and 10K. You can get +5V from the PanelDue connector or from pin 1 of the expansion connector.

  • Hello i put te resistors in place the ir sensor is powerd red led , when i come close to it it give a bleu led , it see my finger.
    but when i send M119 gives : Zprobe not stopped ! it is connected on the Zprobe connector 2 wires: 1 Gnd ,1 Zprobe in.
    doe i need doe some g code to let work this probe ?
    Are did i used the wrong board connector ?

    Wifi works Perfect . connection with browser works super too !

    Kind regards stefaan

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    You will need to connect it to the Z probe connector and use M558 P1 in your config.g file.

  • Hello ; verry strange the pibot ir sensor normally need 5 volt , i did the capacitors away en connect to 3,3v and and sig , en the sensor works when trigger it gives around 643 in pink color , i just did the calibration and get this value : Calibrated 6 factors using 10 points, deviation before 2.979 after 0.351
    Is this a good sign ? after this calibration do have to save this ? so yes how do i do this .

    kind regards stefaan
    thank you for your replies .

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