Dynamic temperature adjustment by real Print Speed

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    i have a Delta Printer. I can set the Printing speed to 120 mm/s but often only 60 mm/s are used for printing when the object to be printed is small or or has an unfavorable shape.

    I am still a beginner at 3D printing which surprised me:

    Certain filament types require a different temperature at a different speed.
    But if I don't know when setting the temperature how high the real printing speed will be, everything doesn't fit.

    Is there a function in the Duet Wifi firmware that adjusts the temperature based on the real print speed ?

    Otherwise this would be a new idea for future versions.

    I know that a temperature change takes time.
    But maybe you can at least introduce some flexible printing temperatures.

    The board firmware could recognize that a desired speed is not possible at all in some areas and readjust accordingly.
    Maybe on previously defined temperature values.

    What do you think of that?

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    That could be implemented, but for it to be useful you would need to calibrate the optimum temperature at different print speeds. You would still need to set a temperature in the slicer, and the firmware would increase that when it saw printing moves that exceed some predefined speed.

  • That's possible. What do you think of that ?

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    I think before that I should implement feedforward in the heating system, so that when extrusion rate increases the heating power is automatically increased to compensate, to avoid a temporary drop in temperature.

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