Found a heatsink

  • Hello everyone,

    I found a heatsink that fits perfectly on the Duet WiFi. I figured I would post this to for others know. I know it is not required to have one, but it also can't hurt.

    Aluminium Router Heatsink 100x25x10mm 3 Pieces Black LED HeatSink

    I am using this box to hold my Duet. The heatsink fits perfectly inside the cooling channel.

    Duet WiFi box

    I would post pictures of my setup, but sadly I can't from my phone.

  • I assume you have put them over the top of the Driver chips which is a pretty pointless exercise and IMHO A waste of money as the chips are cooled on the underside of them where they are in contact with the PCB Which is the heatsink for them.

  • @dougal1957 no, the heatsink is on the backside of the board, under the driver chips. The thermo adhesive that comes with the heatsink is has a very high electrical resistance ( >100M ohm, my fluke meter would not even detect a resistance) so there should be no concern of shorting out anything. I did try to keep the adhesive and the heatsink away from any electrical connection I could, just in case.

  • @dougal1957 the heatsink is to add additional surface area for the fan to cool off the board and the driver chips. That way more of the fan's air flow work could be used more efficiently. Like I said in my original post, I know it is not needed to have a heatsink, but it also can't hurt to have one.

  • @iamturbo1978 IMHO for it to have any marked effect you would need one that covered the whole of the underside of the board as it is virtually all heatsink for the main chips. that is one reason why 2 oz copper is specified and not the usual 1 oz

  • @dougal1957 it covers all the drivers and part of the board area for the hotend mosfets. The heatsink is 100mm long.

    Heatsink and board picture

  • @Iamturbo1978

    Hey thanks for sharing your heatsink hack info. As for how well it cools the chips, anything will help. But to address the controversy, if ya happen to have access to an imaging IR camera, image the heat. Personally I plan to replicate your hack, as I think it will help ease the overall board temperature.



  • @dougal1957 It will have an effect even though the whole pcb acts as a sink. From experience I would say it probably drops the temps around 10C under load.

  • @3mm You are welcome. Sadly, I don't have access to a thermal camera. It would be great if someone could show that I'd does help a little. I am personally thinking it will help more than a little. I'm thinking someone would be able to push the limits of the drivers without worry of over temp issues.

  • @3mm If you want to try it out, I would be willing to give you a heatsink to do the proper thermal investigation. I have 2 more heatsinks, since they come in a 3 pack.


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