Duet Maestro in a polar printer...

  • Hi Folks,
    I'm looking at a semi industrial large polar printer build. Just wondering how mature the polar machine configuration is?

    Has anyone used it extensively? Does it cope with printing near the axis of bed rotation without any print artifacts?

    Any insights would much appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Barry M

  • administrators

    I've had no feedback on the Polar kinematics support, so my guess is that nobody is using it yet. If you want to give it a go, I'll support you.

    AFAIK all polar printers have issues with printing close to the bed rotation centre, I think that's impossible to avoid because of the inevitable speed changes.

    BTW if it's a large semi industrial printer then I recommend you use the Duet Ethernet instead of the Maestro. It has hardware floating point support in the MCU and more powerful stepper drivers.

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