(Solved) Slow Z speed when starting

  • Perhaps I just can't find the proper search terms, but is there a way to have Z max speed slower when starting the print then normal once the effector reaches the bed? When using filament that breaks easy (metal filled) if I don't make sure enough is loose before the print it will snap it when starting, but I loose my quick Z movements when printing if I reduce M203 Z.

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    Perhaps you can use a M203 Z command to reduce Z speed in your slicer start GCode when using that filament, and reset it to normal in the stop.g and cancel.g files or in homedelta.g?

  • Thanks for the suggestion, using Kissslicer I figured out I could set M203 Z3000 in the "Printer G-code" "Prefix" and M203 Z30000 in "N[*] Layers with N=1 and that works.

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