Thanks !

  • Ok, i will start… But i hope some masters will post their nice print to show how perform this new board !

    First, thanks to DC42 and Tony for the work done ! But my wallet can't say that as my bot is feeding twice as the other i have...

    So this is two prints done mainly for testing.

    First, the rocket gnome from makerbot, where setting was 0.16 layer height for the native size, 0.3 nozzle, printed in ABS from esun. Speed was my main goal so i setup 200mm/s in main speed, 50 % for exterior loop and 150 % for infill. I was a little disappointed when comparing time from s3d and real time (1h40 vs 3h) but i was really happy with the result (still have to find the right M572)

    And an other robot in parts, in 0.08 mm height speed setup to 200mm/s and 80 % for exterior :

    You can notice a bad surface aspect aspect on the first cm, motion was lost so i deacrease speed to 80 %.

    For all print acceleration is setup to 6000 and jerk to 2000.

    In few weeks, the duetwifi will go on big bot but i need to learn how to plug on it a 220v ptc with ssr and associating thermistor… Does i need an extension board for this ?

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    Nice prints, thanks for posting!

    I have written wiki pages on controlling bed heaters and chamber heaters using SSRs. Let me know if you think anything is missing from them.

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    Yeah really nice looking prints. when you say move it to a "big bot" are you making a big CoreXY machine?

  • Thanks for your reply ! I will test on this small printer the heat chamber functionality but i don't understand how to assign a pin to a function without using the second extruder and second thermistor pin (i came from smoothieboard…). Maybe i've to tweak the firmware ?

    About my next bot it's a 400x400x z600 mm printing volume, two version one with standard stepper and an other with integrated closeloop stepper.

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    I assume you have seen davids documentation here:
    Also here for the gcodes:
    Also M116

    If you only have one extruder you can use E1 to switch the SSR and E1's thermistor to read the chamber heater temperature. If you want to use 2 or more extruders there are an addtional 5 heating channels on the expansion header (although clearly they do not have Mosfets for driving a hotend, those would need to be provided by an expansion board like the planned Duex5).

    The pinout for the expansion connector is here:

    So you can see that heater channel 3-7 are located on the expansion connected, for example channel 3 is on pin 8 of the expansion connector while thermistor 3 is on pin 35.

    Be careful with your setup, these pins are only 3.3V tolerant and cannot source or sink more than 4mA maximum.

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    P.S. really looking forward to seeing that big bot!

    I am interested in what benefits do you perceive from the closed loop stepper. Is it more about using smaller motors running closer to the limit, or about ensuring no errors occur?

  • Thanks for advices, so i can plug my ssr directly to associated extansion plug whithout extansion board, that's nice !

    And about those close loop motor, it's more about speed precision with high acceleration (or changing direction) so no error with a big x axe. I don't want to print at slow speed, the average wanted is 150mm/s with some peak at 250 for infill. And those kind of motor can be powered by a 48v and can handle high speed direction change without loosing step.
    But i'm really not sure if it will work as i want, but to know i've to test !
    I've bought a special linear rail machined to light X axe and i will limit the weight on the carriage to the minimal. I already use reed sensor in place of mechanical endstop for example because they are weight free.

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    Regarding the SSR - check that it draws <4mA on the control line that should be Ok wired as david describes.

    I will be interested in seeing the results, which motors are you using?

  • Ok for max draw, i will check this.
    I 've ordered this motor : Leadshine Close Loop system NEMA 23 motor ISS57-10
    Waiting for them now…

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