What is the Logic behind the enable circuit?

  • Greetings! I understand the need/concept behind the enable circuit however, I'd like to know more about how it is controlled....

    -What action energizes this 5VDC circuit?
    -Is it possible to manually activate?
    -If the answer to the previous question is yes- then how to do so? M Command?? Button on the Web interface (that I can't seem to find)?

    Finally... is there any reason that I would see a reversal of polarity on this circuit? I have noticed strange behavior such as polarity reversal and also a complete loss of 5vdc even though the web interface indicates that my motors are active (note- there doesn't seem to be any indicator when enable circuit is energized so this adds to the mystery).

    THANKS in advance for any insight anyone can provide!

  • Hi, Yes you can use M80 to enable the pin (turning on the 5 volt power supply).

    Use M81 to turn off the pin (power supply).

    See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/GCode#Section_M81_ATX_Power_Off

    You can also use M81 S1 which will wait to turn off the power supply once all of the thermostatic fans have turned off. A very nice feature!

    On the web interface it is the Power Supply on button. But you have to make it available under the settings tab in the DWC. Then you will be able to see it.

  • THANK YOU TIM!!!!!

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