Stepper motor problems Duet 2 Wifi on Ender 3 Pro

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    I have installed this Board on my Creality Ender 3 Pro. (Cartesian style)
    I have contact to the board over wifi trough my browser and i can upload configurations from:
    When i make my configuration and uplaod it to the board, i can set temperature for my heat bed and nozzle, as well as make the fans trigger.
    But when i try to home my X Y Z i am not able to do so with X and Y. when i press "Home X" or "Home Y" z raises a bit(as it should i assume) and the axis starts moving home. But when it reaches the end stop switch, the motor does not stop like on the Z Axis, it keeps trying to go further while it's all jammed in the process. i turn off the printer asap when this happens.

    i have tryed multiple end stop configurations without luck, and even the same configuration as my Z axis have.
    For all directions(XYZ), the End stop LED will change state when i press it, as of now, the LED goes OFF when the end stop is pressed.

    The plan was to use the stall functionallity but i'd like to make it work with the simple end stop switches first. Or even better, work at all 😄

    Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong?

    Board: Duet2 V1.04a

    I hope this was sufficient information, when i got the board in december i updated it to make it ready for the printers arrival.


    === Diagnostics ===
    RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet version 2.02RC6(RTOS) running on Duet WiFi 1.02 or later
    Board ID: 08DGM-917NK-F23T0-6J9FD-3S46Q-9HA4D
    Used output buffers: 3 of 20 (9 max)
    === RTOS ===
    Static ram: 25524
    Dynamic ram: 98576 of which 0 recycled
    Exception stack ram used: 272
    Never used ram: 6700
    Tasks: NETWORK(ready,560) HEAT(blocked,1232) MAIN(running,3860) IDLE(ready,200)
    Owned mutexes:
    === Platform ===
    Last reset 00:05:07 ago, cause: software
    Last software reset at 2019-01-09 16:35, reason: User, spinning module GCodes, available RAM 6724 bytes (slot 3)
    Software reset code 0x0003 HFSR 0x00000000 CFSR 0x00000000 ICSR 0x0441f000 BFAR 0xe000ed38 SP 0xffffffff Task 0x4e49414d
    Error status: 0
    Free file entries: 8
    SD card 0 detected, interface speed: 20.0MBytes/sec
    SD card longest block write time: 0.5ms, max retries 0
    MCU temperature: min 36.1, current 37.7, max 37.9
    Supply voltage: min 24.0, current 24.1, max 24.3, under voltage events: 0, over voltage events: 0, power good: yes
    Driver 0: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Driver 1: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Driver 2: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Driver 3: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Driver 4: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Date/time: 2019-01-09 16:40:50
    Cache data hit count 1158119290
    Slowest loop: 12.41ms; fastest: 0.07ms
    I2C nak errors 0, send timeouts 0, receive timeouts 0, finishTimeouts 0
    === Move ===
    Hiccups: 0, StepErrors: 0, LaErrors: 0, FreeDm: 240, MinFreeDm: 240, MaxWait: 0ms, Underruns: 0, 0
    Scheduled moves: 0, completed moves: 0
    Bed compensation in use: none
    Bed probe heights: 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
    === Heat ===
    Bed heaters = 0 -1 -1 -1, chamberHeaters = -1 -1
    === GCodes ===
    Segments left: 0
    Stack records: 1 allocated, 1 in use
    Movement lock held by null
    http is doing "M577 X S2 " in state(s) 0 0
    telnet is idle in state(s) 0
    file is idle in state(s) 0
    serial is idle in state(s) 0
    aux is idle in state(s) 0
    daemon is idle in state(s) 0
    queue is idle in state(s) 0
    autopause is idle in state(s) 0
    Code queue is empty.
    === Network ===
    Slowest loop: 14.04ms; fastest: 0.00ms
    Responder states: HTTP(0) HTTP(4) HTTP(0) HTTP(0) FTP(0) Telnet(0) Telnet(0)
    HTTP sessions: 1 of 8

    • WiFi -
      Network state is running
      WiFi module is connected to access point
      Failed messages: pending 0, notready 0, noresp 0
      WiFi firmware version 1.21
      WiFi MAC address b4:e6:2d:52:ff:f4
      WiFi Vcc 3.43, reset reason Turned on by main processor
      WiFi flash size 4194304, free heap 15344
      WiFi IP address
      WiFi signal strength -60dBm, reconnections 0, sleep mode modem
      Socket states: 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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  • I don't know what endstops the Ender 3 uses, but my first suggestion would be to change them in your config.g to active low. Easy quick check and it won't do any harm if you have your finger over the power switch when you try it.

    If the motors don't move at all, then you had it correct with active high.

  • Moderator

    You can use this to test your endstops.

  • the end stops is normal switches with that little spring on that hits the switch itself 😃

    I tryed to set it to active low, the steppers then try to go further when it hits the end stop still

  • Moderator

    Have you seen this to setup your homing files?

    Are you sure the motors are going in the right direction and hitting the right endstop? What happens if you press the other endstop switch manually?

  • Okay, this is embarrasing,
    I have switched the stepper motor cables around for X and Y... not the end stops.. all day i have been starring on this board to see what was wrong.. and it's maybe just that i think.... oh no

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