Clearpath Servo Motors and Step/Dir/Enable Pin Avaiability

  • Hello all!

    Quick question regarding pin availability on the Duet 3D Ethernet -- I am building a large printer using Clearpath servos and need the ability to drive 6 servos total. I see that the Duet Ethernet has the ability to control 5 servos using step/dir signals. Are there other available pins that can be mapped to drive a 6th servo?

    Thanks for the wonderful forum / support. I've solved a number of issues here.


  • I also have an additional Duex5 available for this project if needed, just not sure what / where to pull the signals from.

  • You can take 5 step/dir signals from the expansion header and 2 from the lcd plug for a total of 7.

  • Thanks for the clarification, problem solved.

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