Cloned boards

  • Hi i was just browsing through facebook as you do and came across a post from a dutch chap saying he was testing a dutch made version of the duet wifi, when i asked if it was yet another clone he said you were aware of what they were doing and helping with development. I was wondering if it was true

  • Saw that, too.

    Given that "original" production covers this side of the pond as well, I somehow doubt that this is "officially supported" but that they're taking advantage of the fact that it's open source hardware. Otherwise why would they be still working on a V1.03 board? I'd think that if they were getting "official" support, they'd be working on the latest generation.

  • Last I heard from Tony, that Dutch company is not authorized, nor working with, Duet3D.

    Which is no surprise, considering I can spot several quality/safety issues on that board. For starters, using a 15 amp fuse on the fan fuse socket.

  • I really don't understand why people dont buy origional duets where the money spent goes towards the future development of the product and software

  • Why buy a clone? It usually comes down to money.

    I can't say that I'm entirely innocent there. I have a fair amount of E3D clone parts around (Though both of my Duets are genuine. Or at least they were sold to me as such by authorised distributors. 🙂 ) It's all well and good to say that you're supporting development, but the reality of it all is that to the vast majority of purchasers out there, that's not worth a lot of money. It might be worth a little, but for the most part, people aren't buying this one in hopes that the next one will be that much more awesome. They'd probably just hold off and wait for that one. If the original company wants to keep making money, then their best bet is to stay ahead of the clones. I'm quite happy to see that the Duet is still moving forwards, and doing exactly that.

    This doesn't look like it's going to be much cheaper. Well, maybe if you're local to the maker.

    This is of course a problem when you make open source hardware, that there will be copycats that pop up. Hell with the Chinese factories, if they think they can make a profit, they're more than willing to reverse engineer something even if it isn't open source.

    For my part, I've ordered some genuine E3D parts to replace some of my clone parts, hoping that the genuine parts will solve some issues that I'm having.

    @elmoret : LOL. Yeah, I saw that 15A fuse too. Practically no point in it even being a fuse at that point. (I have a 15A fuse at my PSU, since that's what my PSU is rated for, so on my printer there's an approximately 0% chance of that fuse blowing.)

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