Part Fan Value Missing

  • The current part fan percentage is not registering on my Panel Due - stuck at 0 percent reading. DWC reads correctly. Ethernet ver 2.02a // DWC 2.0.0 RC3.

  • administrators

    Which version of PanelDue Firmware are you running? Look on the Setup page of PanelDue to find out.

  • David -
    Installed latest version 1.22.1 and still no joy. A little more info for you.
    1 - The PanelDue fan reading stays at zero percent forever, EXCEPT
    2 - If I manually kick the tool fan up or down the PanelDue reading changes to reflect the new DWC value.
    3 - The value of the last reading remains unchanged even with a g-code commanded change (DWC reads the new fan correctly).


  • administrators

    It's working correctly for me. I am using fan 0 as the print cooling fan. Are you using a different fan number, by using the F parameter in the M563 tool creation command?

    EDIT: I just tried using the F parameter to map the fan, and PanelDue still displayed the value that I set in DWC.

  • Perhaps I didn't state the problem clearly or correctly so I'll try again
    1 - I also use fan 0 for the part fan
    2 - If , using the DWC Status tab speed slider to set a fan speed, the value reports correctly on PanelDue.
    3 - BUT if , for example, I send M106 S255 P0 from DWC ( or from a g-code file ) the PanelDue does NOT report the new value but the DWC displays the new, correct fan speed.
    4 - To ensure the setup is correct I sent M563 F0


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