Can i use a Duet 2 ethernet on a tronxy x5sa printer?

  • Hi,

    I have an tronxy x5sa printer that has two z motors, and uses both x and y at the same time to move the print head.
    The origional board sometimes ignores the G28 and G29 command and it is hard to get it to print well. (hard to calibrate the steps also)
    I want to replace my board with a board that will work fine every time 🙂
    I use Simplify3D to slice, then it sends it to my octoprint server where i run timelapse and monitores the print operation.
    Can i use a Duet 2 ethernet board with my printer? what about the cables, do i have to cut them and solder new plugs or are there adapters to buy?
    Can this board also control two fans? i have one fan for the hotend heatbrake and another fan for cooling the print.

    I have only one working hand after a brain stroke, therefor am i looking for a easy but good sollution to make my printer print good.

    thank you 🙂

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    board today

  • @ulven said in Can i use a Duet 2 ethernet on a tronxy x5sa printer?:

    tronxy x5sa

    duet does support corexy printers and it has 2 connectors for for the z axis for your two motors.
    the duet comes with crimps and housings for the connectors. so you will need to recrimpt them. you will need a crimping tool (can also be done with pliers but i would not recommend it). there is no soldering involved in crimping.

    the duet has 5 fan headers.

    but as far as i know the tronxy 5 have some mechanical issues that need to be solved first for a good print.

  • Thank you for your answer, are there any pictures that can show me how to crimp and what cable that should be where?

    the x5sa looks to me like a OK mechanical machine, the bed is level and the moves are ok

    what other mechanical are you thinking about?


    That should be everything that you need to know for where things go on the Duet.

    I don't know what your existing control board is, so it's hard to say for sure what goes where, but...

    Most control boards use similar wiring for the motors, and you can probably just move the motors over to the Duet without having to crimp anything.

    I had to change my endstop wiring, as the way that they're wired for a RAMPS connector is a different wire order.

    Thermistors should just plug in, and the heaters for the hotend and bed are fine.

    If your printer has a hotend probe, you will probably have to change the wiring. Note that the hotend connector on the Duet has 3.3V power, so if your probe needs higher voltage (Like the BL Touch, for example) then there are alternate wiring schemes available.

    Other accessories, such as fans or lights, you should be careful as to the voltage that you connect them to. Some printers will use 5V accessories (My MakerBot clone uses 5V for the lights, for example) sometimes including the fans. It's worth checking.

    Your Duet board will come with the crimp ends and connectors, plus ferrules and the like, so you will have all of the connectors that you need. A good crimping tool is helpful, but if you're patient, a decent pair of pliers can do the job.

    The rest is going to be setting up the configuration.

  • I'm in the process of installing a Duet 2 Wifi board on my Tronxy X5SA, I don't have Z homing and bed leveling working yet though.

    I had to rewire my X and Y limit switches, The limit switches have a three pin connector with an end pin used and the center pin used for the Tronxy controller. I had to use a paper clip to release the center pin and plug that pin in to the unused pin mount on the Tronxy connector. It wasn't terribly challenging (I'm disabled, I have SMA), but if you only have one hand to work with you may need assistance or a small vise to hold the connector still while you remove the center pin.

    Once done I was able to plug the Tronxy X and Y limit switch cables in to the Duet 2 Wifi board. I did have to remove the orientation clips from the board though since my original connectors are a bit wide.

    I don't yet have a proper crimping tool and crimping pins is challenging for me to do due to poor hand strength so I try to avoid crimping if at all possible.

  • I was looking for information on this printer. I found some details here:

    I don't see what the original controller board is, which is what I was looking for.

    That looks like an inductive sensor for the Z probe. There is information on configuring that around here somewhere.

    As this is a single hotend, I might suggest that you consider using independent Z motor configuration. I'm doing this on mine, it allows the Z motors to be controlled independently, which means that the Duet can manage levelling the bed (At least on the X plane) by itself, without needing mesh levelling. I find it very handy.

    I am also guessing fromt he power suply specification of 30A that this is a 12V power supply. This means that the bed heater and hotend cartidge will be 12V. This further makes the independent Z motor configuration more desireable. Most control boards run dual Z motors in parallel, particularly on 12V power, which means that the driver has to run double the current it might otherwise need. The duet runs them in series, which reduces current demand on 24V power, but can be weak on 12V. I would strongly recommend that you use the additional motor driver for the second Z motor.

  • @supraguy

    The Tronxy X5SA board is an F-Mini from these folks.

    With custom Tronxy firmware. I don't know what it's based on though.

    I wish the F-mini board were more reliable, I like the menu layout on the LCD panel but the LCD panel isn't very sensitive and just never worked well for me. My F-mini board no longer keeps the hot end hot enough if my heated bed is on, which is why I'm switching to the Duet 2 Wifi myself.

    Other than my X and Y endstops and my inductive sensor I've not had to change any of my other connector wiring.

    I'm waiting for my ferrule crimper to arrive (Tomorrow) so I can properly connect my high current items.

    Good call on the fans, I thought they were 12vdc on the X5SA, the fan for the electronics cooling is, but I don't know about the part cooling fan or the hot end fan. I'd better find out before I smoke one of my fans. 🙂

  • I have a Tronxy X5SA working with the wifi version

  • @pr0xyfl00d3r
    What's your config.h file look like?

    How's your bed sensor wired up? I'm not sure of the pinout on mine.

  • Here is my Z probe connections and config file



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