Understanding M569 Taa:bb:cc:dd

  • Hello everybody,
    i understand exactly than is aa:bb:cc:dd and actually i use
    M569 P? S? T10:10:10:10 and the machine works well.

    The question is:
    a) If i use for example T20:20:20:20 than consequences will have?
    a.1)The prints will look worst?
    a.2) will i lose printing time?
    a.3) overload of CPU?

    b) If i use for example T5:5:5:5 than consequences will have?
    b.1)The prints will look better?
    b.2) will i gain printing time?
    b.3) the CPU work less %?


  • administrators

    The higher the values, the more CPU time it wastes.

    If you set the values below the minimum ones needed by your stepper driver, it will skip microsteps under some conditions. The datasheet for the driver should give the minimum timings that it needs.

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