Extra layers on print

  • Hello,
    I have duet wifi and i use simplyfi3d to slice stl file.
    When i print i get on duet web interface printed layer count like 48 from 46 or 102 from 101 so duet over print layers.
    When i set top or bottom or external solid layers in S3D to 3 i have more overprint layers.
    So i cant control dimension of printed elements :/.

    I cant find if s3d not work or my settings of duet.

    Regards Kamil

  • Moderator

    Are you actually getting more printed layers, or is the count in the display just wrong?

    Can you post a gcode file that shows this?

  • I print box wit 25x25x25mm when i set top and bottom solid layers to 3 i have printed extra 6 layers and dimension of my box extend on Z axis about 6x0.2mm (layer high 0.2mm).
    Work the same when i add more outside solid layers - holes are thiner.
    I will check my qcode after slicing and wrote if s3d work or duet add extra layers.

  • @kivlow do you get the same with a different slicer?

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