Feedback about Dual RJ45 Ethernet Connector Breakout Board

  • Hi,

    i have see in a Facebook group, that someone uses this:

    Breakout Board

    And i'd like feedback about this... seems very interesting... i have a delta, with 3 fans in effector, plus z probe, termistor and extruder motor what is near... a lot of wires moving.... with this board can change all these wires, not encapsulated... by 2 RJ45 wires.... more clear.

    Can gave your opinion...?

  • I think I like this one better.

    The D-sub connector solutions are better suited to the current needed by the heater. And you probably want a very good quality ethernet cable if you go that way. The D-sub cables have the current capacity, they are shielded, and the round shape is handy for mounting. I'm not sure either is really made for constant and continuous flexing. The future will certainly involve something like this for the sensors, fans and switches at least. The cheap Chinese wire is the last thing you want flexing constantly. And yet it's what everything uses.

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