Fans and touchscreen won't work

  • I setup my first duet 2 wifi board today and I've gotten just about everything to work except for the fans and the touchscreen. The fans don't move at all, not even if I put them into the always-on connectors. The always-on connectors output about .2 volts according to my multimeter. The touchscreen itself is completely functional, but it can't control the printer. Nothing happens when I use the touchscreen. I'm more concerned about the fans than the touchscreen

  • I got the fans working. I didn't realize I needed to install that jumper. Touchscreen is still completely useless though.

  • Which touch screen? What does it do? How is it wired?

  • @phaedrux It's the v3 4.3 paneldue one. It's wired using the 4 wires. The screen functions perfectly fine, but it just doesn't communicate with the duet at all.

  • Hi

    Please check that baud rate is configured correctly on both, duet and PanelDue.
    You can add this line to config.g file : M575 P1 B57600 S1 to configure duet and check baud rate on Paneldue in settings screen.

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