[TS] Extruder stops feeding mid-print, printer continues going.

  • Started happening out of the blue after a year of flawless operation. The only clue is that there was an apparent error message "Resume-after-power-fail state saved". When I check the printer it is happily chugging along but no extrusion. Have to reset duet 3d to get filament to flow again (no response to manual control).

    So far, the same print died but not in the same spot. Nothing unusual about the print. Thinking power supply issue possibly or maybe extruder motor issue but need help getting any info from the duet to diagnose the problem. Thanks all.

  • If is it an ultibots printer then someone else on the forum has had the same issue (scroll down to last post)
    To resume his/her problem,
    due to buildup static charge from the PVC spool holder, the extruder motor stops working.
    -> solution add ground cable to extruder motor housing to prevent this problem.

  • @whosrdaddy Whoah, that's crazy but plausible given the low RH% currently being experienced in my home due to the winter. Thank you for the reply and information. I will try immediately, wish me luck, ha.

  • @whosrdaddy count me as another person with static discharge issues. ground wire seemed to do the trick! Thanks daddy!

  • Heh, the FT-5 has ghost issues with stock hardware, the problem is the ACM reflecting EMI the fix is a choke magnet on the LCD panel cables.

    I mean it would do some freaky stuff!

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