First layer issue?

  • I am still getting a grasp on how everything works on my duet and am very new to 3d printing.The Duet is set up with a BLTouch and the height map and config file seem to be working great.The issue I am having is after setting up the BLTouch as explained in the Duet documentation and running the mesh grid compensation the printer proceeds to print the first layer and while it is printing you can hear the nozzle dragging across the glass and will soon after rip the printed layer off the bed.This is the start code in Cura that I am currently using

    G1 Z15.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mm
    ;Prime the extruder
    G92 E0
    G1 F200 E3
    G92 E0

    I am using relative extrusion in Cura 3.6.0 and if you need any more info I will happily supply it. I just am unsure of what you may need.

  • @siblues Some things to check/try.

    Have you measured and set your trigger height? Instructions hear

    Are you running mesh leveling at the beginning of every print? If not, its a good idea to add the following to your start gcode to make sure the height map is loaded at the beginning of each print.

    G29 S1 ; call bed compensation height map

  • Yes I followed the documentation on setting trigger height so I know that is correctly set or as close as possible.The G29 commend you mentioned should that be set in the Cura start code and should it be performed before the home command?Thanks for the quick reply

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    @siblues said in First layer issue?:

    The G29 commend you mentioned should that be set in the Cura start code and should it be performed before the home command?

    G29 S1 can be added to config.g, or added to your slicer start gcode before or after G28 to home it.

    Personally, I load it at startup in config.g so that it's always applied.

  • I would guess it would be added to the preferences section in config.g or would a new section be a better option?

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    @siblues you can add it anywhere. The zprobe section makes sense to me.

  • Back to the original issue - check to make sure you don't have a Z offset somewhere in your slicer settings. I'm not familiar with Cura, but I know other slicers have a section to add X, Y & Z offsets to any movement commands.

  • I use Cura for the simplicity and it seems user friendly for people like me what are you guys using if you don't mind me asking?I will take a look at what everyone mentioned.

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    @siblues how much do you have to adjust the baby stepping to get the first layer looking better?

    Cura is fine. So is slic3r PE. Stick with one for a while until you get the hang of it. Cura starts pretty simple but you can unhide a lot of custom settings as you learn.

  • How does your bed height map look? G29 S1 should be a last line of your bed.g file if you want to use previously stored height map compensation before each print.

  • Here is the height map.


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