Black on Blue Silkscreen - Delay

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    Today our assemblers received the PCBs (a couple of days late!) only to report that the PCB manufacturers have made them with black on blue silkscreen rather than white on blue silkscreen. They have set me a board via special delivery which I will get tomorrow so I can see first hand how (il)legible it is however from the description I think we will probably have to remake the boards.

    We have spent the day looking at alternative PCB suppliers who can provide the correct PCBs at a really quick turn around. Our assemblers are obviously in discussions with their PCB suppliers to see if they can make good in any reasonable time. We will have more information by midday tomorrow (our preferred supplier works Saturday morning), that said it is looking increasingly likely that we will be waiting for another run of PCBs to be manufactured at "non rush" timelines which would mean a delay of 2-3 weeks.

    I will post more info tomorrow, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  • Tony

    If it's any consolation I am in No rush for my Batch2 board.


  • Is it perhaps possible to allow folks to get black on blue boards sooner? After installation the silkscreen isn't of as much use to me.

  • No worries about a delay here, though, as elmoret says, the colo(u)r wouldn't be an issue for me. If it saves you/the project money and resources to use the current boards, go for it, and pocket the discount the vendor will give you.

  • Yes I agree re the silk screen, maybe supply a good paper copy of it Laminated or such like as a reference card? also has the majority is on the underside of the board it becomes less useful once it is fitted anyway.. Or even provide the Chart as a Download so anyone can print it out this would also serve as a good reference resource.

    Maybe give the Pre-Order guys the option (across all 4 slots that way if someone in the early slots doesn't want the Black on Blue then that one could be offered to someone in a later slot).


  • I was aware of them just a overlay of the Screen Print could be the way to recover the Cock up of the PCB company and get the early batches out to those that don't really worry about the screenprint and give the guys a little extra in terms of the componsation they mey get from the PCB guys.


  • Well are those ment to be for the first pre-order batch due august 3rd?
    I probably missed it if you updated the dispatch dates. Is there a new plan somewhere?
    I am sure we can turn them into a collector edition of sorts.
    Same as the others. I understand your frustration of not delivering a perfect as designed product, but that or 2-3 weeks delay …
    I personaly wouldn't mind to resort to a printed map. Can you post some pictures?

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    Thank you for all the supportive comments on this thread, we really appreciate how understanding you guys are being. with comments from "it doesn't matter to "make it a collectors edition" πŸ™‚

    I have received the example boards and the black on blue silkscreen is basically unreadable in "normal" light. You can make it out with a good light or a camera flash:

    We take the point that the silkscreen is not that important once the boards are installed, On the other hand we want to deliver something that is "just right". The majority of batch 1 and 2 purchasers have clearly not responded to this thread, so we will be in-contact by email and see what the view is, we are considering three options:

    1. Black silkscreen boards for all.
    2. White silkscreen boards for all - delay of 2-3 weeks tbc
    3. Some black silkscreen boards for those who want them sooner, remainder get while silkscreen boards later.

    For option 2 and 3 we have to continue the discussion with our suppliers so we will hear more on monday.

    The more feedback we get the better, even if it's just "I don't mind either way".


  • IMO those look pretty cool and I would love to have one, but I can't afford to buy another one, nor am I in the preorder.

  • Maybe it's the camera, but the black silkscreen doesn't look all that clearly printed even ignoring the solder mask color.

    I did use the silkscreen quite a bit when I installed mine, but I don't think my pre-order is affected in any case. Probably wouldn't be an issue for board #2 now that I've wired one up.

    Love the blue/ENIG unfinished PCB look though, shame all that sexy gold gets covered in solder πŸ™‚

  • Black on blue would be a headache for Duet newbies, but I'll take one, this would be my 4th Duet and as long as we get a good clear print connection diagram I can see not problems

  • White for me please. I have to wait for the TBA Duex 2,3,4,5, whatever in any case before I'll be able to commission my 3 extruder printer.

  • @T3P3Tony - I would be happy to take blue/black for my order (Order #107) - I need one yesterday for a current project but the other could wait πŸ™‚ . I do need the addons ASAP though.

    Shame about the PCB issue though, trust all will be resolved soon.

  • I'm another of the don't really care which camp.
    Clearly visible labels are useful, but if it causes a significant delay or painful expense increase, it's not a deal breaker for me.

    I'm order 178 in the 3rd wave, but if these happen to be available early due to the colors… πŸ˜„

    Thanks either way,

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    I have split the discussion about jimborr's 0.8.5 out to a different topic:

  • Order 248. Black on blue would be fine with me if it stops delays, even better if it moves me up the queue ☺

  • So it's in this thread πŸ˜‰

    Can take blue/black too for #257.

  • Happy to take a Black/Blue if that helps (Its the colour scheme of my latest printer!)

    I'm Order ID: 193 [Wave 3]

    I'm a Duet newbie, but I've put a couple of arduino/RAMPS printers together so I'm comfortable that I'll be able to follow the diagram to wire it up

    However If you decide to wait for the new white boards I'll be happy to sit in the current queue

  • #62, I am a duet newbie, however I would accept a black on blue board. If you decide to wait for the black on white i would wait as well.

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