Panel Due not working

  • Now that I got my Duet Wifi printing awesome I am focusing on setting up my Panel Due that I ordered at the same time. I am using the 4.3 LCD that came with the board and have it plugged in per the wire diagram to the Duet controller, black wire aligned with the ground on both. But when I turn on the machine nothing comes up on the display so I thought I first needed to install the firmware so I plugged it into the USB on my computer and still nothing. Tried pushing the reset and clear buttons but nothing seems to be working. I also checked to make sure that I did not have the pins offset on the board to the LCD and all is lined up.

    I am at work right now but when I get home I will get some pictures to post.
    Any thoughts?

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    The PanelDue controller should have been programmed for a 4.3" display already when you received it. Now that you have pressed the Erase button, you probably need to reprogram it. See section "Testing the board and updating the firmware" at for instructions. I have been told that Bossa doesn't work under Windows 10, so you may need to use bossac from instead.

  • No back light or anything comes on. It is plugged into the USB and has power going to the port. I have checked the plug and cable to make sure there is power by plugging it into my phone and it charges.

  • The backlight won't come on if the firmware has been erased. Have you reloaded the firmware?

  • Running windows 7, I open a cmd window and type the following
    bossac.exe –port=COM5 -e -w -v -b C:\Users\Chris\Downloads\PanelDueFirmware.bin
    COM5 is the port listed as bossac in my device manager.
    Hit enter and it says:
    'bossac.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  • Disregard my last post.. I am just an idiot. Having to think back to my DOS days is not an easy thing. haha. I was not running the command in the Bossac directory.

    So the panel is working. I must have hit the erase button the first time I plugged it in and didn't realize it.

  • Hello,
    I have got panel due attached and it shows everything perfectly on it. But duet wifi doesn't respond to the commands being entered from panel due. Where I am going wrong?

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    It's probably a cable problem. Either the two data wires are swapped over, or there is a bad connection in one of them.

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