Suggest a printer: comes with/upgrades-well to a duet?

  • I need a second printer to increase my product output.
    I love my current big delta, d300vs. I'd get an other if they were on the market still.

    I don't want to fuss around too much, I just want to buy a complete kit, and get going.
    Bonus if a duet is included... but still good if it's simple enough to mod one in.
    (I can already print parts as needed) .

    Budget? 200-700usd... yeah it's not huge, but I'm not ready to invest more in a printer atm... most seem lack luster even at higher tiers. If I spend more I want the full meal... not compromises.

    I like direct drive.
    I like aluminum frame joints.
    I need a bed, at least 150mm-200mm, I may be willing to fork out more if I could do two sequential, 110mm^2 x50mm cubes(print one complete model, then print the other beside it with out colliding with the first.
    *However I'd rather preserve quality over a bloated build volume.

    I don't have a ton of time to dicker around sourcing parts.

    Thank you much for your time.
    Duet rocks!

  • Well, might not be that helpful, but see this thread:,843550

    The cheapest printer I can find that uses Duet wifi:

    Anyways, Ender-3 is normal to fit an duet maestro, but you might wanna check out the ender-4 or ender-5 - I like the ender-4.

  • the ender 5 looks nice.

    you could also buy a prusa mk2s kit for 599. the duet upgrade then might stretch the budget a bit


    This will get you going, $350 american made 300mm square 400mm tall build area.

    Get yourself some bracing, some toothed idlers and a glass bed, maybe some derlin linear bearings too.

    I would recommend an FT-5 R2, but it needs a few little tweaks to make it shine- it's also a PITA to build.

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