Duet 2 Wifi - Original Prusa PSU connection

  • Hello everyone,

    I plan to set my MK3 up with a Duet. I read a bit and found something interesting, the PSU wiring seems different:

    The MK3 PSU does have two wire pairs running from PSU to Einsy. The Duet only seems to have one connector. Does anyone have experience if both pairs will fit on the Duet's connector without any issues as suggested in the documentation? https://manual.prusa3d.com/Guide/8.+Electronics+assembly+(B3-R2+design)/513 (Step 23)

    Alternatively, which wires and connectors should I get if I only want to run one? I have no experience at all working on electronics so I'm naturally a little careful and don't want to do anything wrong.

    Additionally, does anyone know if I will need to change any connector types for fans, motors etc.? I don't believe so...

    Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated!


  • the einsy has a seperate line on the board for the heated bed.
    the duet does not. if your heatbed does not exceed the rated current for the duet that one connection from the psu is fine (using wires with sufficient diameter)
    if it is more than the duet can handle use an external mosfet and connect the second line to that.

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