Print Queue and Automated Print Cycle using Duet WiFi

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    Hello everyone,

    After did some online researches, I’m getting Duet WiFi to use with my machines 🤗🎊

    I’m in Cookie Cutter business and have to print/remove small parts manually every hours, which become very tedious, make me lack of sleep and time consuming in the past.

    So I was considered Astroprint as a promising solution for this problem, but currently found that the Duet 2 WiFi should be superior for my use case. Duet seem to be more reliable and flexible, without WiFi disconnected problems during print (is it?), in continuous production environment using multiple printers.

    Here are video examples about what I trying to do:

    Basically, Automated print cycle works like this:
    1.) Heat the bed and print as usual
    2.) Wait for the heated bed to cool down
    3.) Auto eject, scrape the part using gantry or some designed part (as in the video)
    4.) Clean nozzle
    5.) Start the new part in print queue/folder

    Also, I think this is one of the most needed feature for 3d printer to get mass adoption in solo/small business because it can be used even in low-cost machines. I’ve found a topic about this a few years ago. Is there any timeframe for these features to incorporated in Web Interface?

    Or please suggest what is the easiest way to build these functions with Duet, using Macro?


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    If you can build the mechanical parts ot do it, the auto eject/scrape can be done in the stop.g file, or in a macro called from it.

    There is another thread about a web interface that controls multiple Duets. That could be extended to support job queueing.

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