Duet WiFi no 3.3V rail

  • I recently received a Duet Wifi V1.04, this is the second Duet board I've worked with. My wifi module initially was not powering on, I noticed a botch wire that was leading from the ground pin of the Wifi module to ground on the SD card reader. The botch wire was not properly soldered on the wifi side, easy fix, module started working.
    I left the board sit over night-powered off-and wired the board to my 12V power supply this morning.
    The green 3.3V led is not powering on when the board is powered by a 12V power supply, but does power on when the board is connected via usb.
    No components on the board are getting hot, and nothing is connected to the board.
    Any help with figuring out what is wrong is greatly appreciated!

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    @z97froehlich, is there a jumper across the INT_5V_EN pins? Does the red 5V led next to the green one light up?

  • I do have a jumper across the INT_5V_EN pins. I've left the board sit for a couple hours, and now when plugged into via USB the 5V, Diag, and 3.3V lights flash briefly and immediately fade out.
    When powered by a 12V source across VIN, the blue VIN and red 5V leds light up, but 3.3V is still dead.0_1548451903986_20190125_153004.jpg

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    I suggest you back your supplier to replace the Duet. It looks like something is overloading the 3.3V supply rail.

  • @dc42 Okay, thanks for the help and fast replies!

  • @dc42 Hi. I believe I may have a similar problem and would just like clarification.
    When I power my board through either a 24/12v psu the blue vin comes on and when powered via USB both +5v and +3.3v lights come on. I also have the INT_5V_EN jumper in as well. Would mine be the same problem??

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