Connection and extrusion issues

  • Hey guys/gals!

    I´m at the stepp of doing my first test print on my Think3dPrint3d Kossel XL (Duet Wifi) and have run in to some issues.
    1. Sometimes the board disconnects when I´m heating up both extruder and nozzle at the same time. It happens when the end temp is almost reached. The heatbed is powered from the board. Maybe someone here have a good S3D profile for a Delta with Titan and V6 hotend?

    2. I have done a extruder calibration and it extrudes 100,01mm when I ask for 100mm so It´s well calibrated.
    Although when I start a print it over extrudes a lot (!!) S3D Seams to be set up right (Nozzle size, extrusion multiplier ect)
    There was also some pre-loaded gcodes (fromthink3dprint3d) that gives the same results.

    If you have any idea of what can be causing my problems I´d be grateful for all help I can get!

    // Lars

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    Hi Lars

    1. When you say disconnect do you mean disconnect from the Wifi?

    2. That sounds like a miss match between absolute and relative extrusion. Have a look at your config.g and see if there is a M82 (absolute) or M83 (relative) in there. compare this with what S3D is outputting.

  • Thank you for your Answer Tony!
    1. Correct, I´m disconnected from Wifi. I can still use the display to start prints ect.

    2. I didn't know there was something called Absolute or relative extrusion, sounds like that can be the issue as the gcodes (provided by think3dprint3d) on the SD card also gave the same result.
    What is recommended, using relative or absolute extrusion? I found that option in S3D and will try it later today.

    Another question - When I heat up the hotend and restart I´m getting a fault message on the hotend and have to wait for it to cool before I can heat it again. Any Idea why that is?

    (Ps. I sent you the same questions over mail, you don´t have to answer that as you are answering here)

    // Lars

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    1. Does the web interface reconnect after the disconnect (as what error do you get?)

    2. The default is to use relative extrusion M83 within the config.g file. if you post your config file and the beginning of your s3d sliced gcode file we can see if this is the problem.

    Hotend - have you done the hotend tuning as described here:

  • 1. No, it does not reconnect Although it always works if I heat the bed first.

    2. I changed to relative extrusion and now it print. I have some calibration to do but it looks fine at this point.

    Thank you al ot for your support!!

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