Reserve IP address

  • If the DuetWifi is in WAP mode is there a way to reserve IP addresses based on a devices mac address. I would like to add a camera, but I am unable to set a static IP address on the web cam.

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    That's not currently supported. Is there a way to configure your webcam to use a static IP address?

  • You could use a software like Yawcam to get a static IP adress for your webcam (you can even choose a password to protect it). The software gives you 2 address (1 for a refreshing jpeg and 1 for a live feed of your webcam). That's what I use and I can check my print from anywhere, with the WebPanel or directly on a given webpage by the software.

  • Unfortunately the wyze cam does not allow a static IP. I was looking at some third party firmware for the wyze cam but no luck.

    I will look into the Yawcam software.

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