Confused by Time Estimation x3

  • I am confused by three numbers for estimating print time left

    • What should I look for as they vary a lot sometimes?
    • Why is there three estimates here?

    0_1548884284571_2019-01-30 (1).png

  • The estimates vary depending on print geometry and speed variation during the print. For example if printing a pyramid the layer times would decrease as the print nears completion, making the layer-based estimate less accurate.

    The filament estimate tends to be the most accurate for most people's setup.

  • Moderator

    Duet Web Control displays three estimations of print progress based on filament usage, file progress and layer time. The Filament usage and layer time estimates rely on the G-Code file having sufficient header information provided by the slicer (see the File information section earlier in this manual). Different print jobs will have different properties so the accuracy of each estimation varies by the print job. Simulating the print can provide a more accurate estimation. See the section on simulation later in this manual.

    Estimates are hard. And there are many ways to estimate. So to try and be more accurate in general, 3 options for estimates are given. Estimate accuracy will vary depending on model geometry.

  • @phaedrux

    I think it is just TMI at this point but I will put a sticker on the monitor for two of them.... 🙂

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