mestro and hotbed

  • hello im asking this question cause it is not specified in the spec, my hot bed need to work on 24v i buy everithing to make work the complete machine on 24v

    can the maestro run my bed strait it draw 15amp on 24v in the spec the maestro say 18 amp max but its on 12v or 24 ??? it is 18 amp total for all 3 heater?


  • From spec Maestro can handle 18A for bed. It doesnt matter if its 12V or 24V, amps are allways amps. Different is how powerfull bed you can run directly from board, so 12V x 18A = 216W, 24V x 18A = 432W. So, if you use 24V and your bed is near 400W or more, i would recommend run it via external mosfet or SSR.

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    18A is the maximum bed heater current, regardless of whether you are using 12V or 24V. For the extruder heater outputs, I recommend maximum 5A each if you use the screw terminal blocks, or 2A max if you use the Molex connector. Maximum total VIN current should not exceed 30A.

  • @aidar said in mestro and hotbed: your answer is more or less true....

    12V x 18A = 216W, 24V x 18A = 432W u see... the mosfet on 12v need to disipate 216w and on 24 need to dicipate 432w... realy not the same here... normaly you need to put a bigger mosfet or heatsink if you wana draw same amp on 24

    still good to know tank's im good then 15 amp for the bed and 3 for the heater tank's and i got a 20 amp psu im alll good so happy to remove my mecanical relay and my 2psu in serie to get the bed on 24 and keep de rest on 12 🙂

  • @dc42 tank's for the info

    you should add this to the hardware page in case other search for it

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