Time Estimates Idea

  • I'm wondering if we could have the option to display the print time estimated generated by the slicer during printing instead of the 3 time estimates that are currently there? My idea is that it would be an option you could enable or disable either with an M code command in the printer config, or as toggle option on the PanelDue/DWC. Some silcers can generate extremely accurate print times based on acceleration and jerk settings. I would find it preferable to have this time estimate displayed during printing if you know it is reasonably accurate.


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    DWC2 together with RRF2.03beta (to be released shortly) already displays an estimate based on the simulated time, if one is available. I'm not sure whether DWC uses the slicer-provided estimated print time if no simulated time is available. RRF provides DWC with that information.

  • @dc42

    That would still require running the simulation first.

    I was hoping for the ability to display the estimated print time generated by the slicer on the Print tap of the paneldue instead of the 3 estimates. Have one estimate is a lot less confusing for less advanced or tech savvy users. Alternitvely, if not possible the option to display a percent complete along with an elapsed time would be something I would be very interested in. While I understand the reasoning for the 3 time estimates currently used, I feel that is very confusing and less useful for someone that does not understand the quirks of the Duet system i.e our user base.

    I feel like I read in some thread a while back that the possibility of running a background simulation upon upload was being considered as well. Is this still something that is being worked on?

    The bottom line is I'm looking for a way to display one reasonable accurate time indication in the print tab.

  • @jckray, the beta provides the simulated as well as slicer provided time via M36. Paneldue doesn't yet use that information for the "time remaining" estimates.

    @dc42, would it be possible to add the information to M408 in a manner similar to how the file, filament, and layer time left estimations are presented?


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