Temperature run away with new e3D Plated Cooper Heater Block

  • Hi there Guys,

    i've made 2 Days ago a upgrade to the "v6 Plated Copper Heater Block" cause my Heatbreak and Heater Block were stucked.
    So i have now a new Heatbreak and that "v6 Plated Copper Heater Block" that heats up realy fast but without that Silicon Sock it is verry sensible and i get verry fast a Temperature run away.

    I did first a PID Autotune for 260°C and set the Values in the config but as it looks like the Fans are still to strong and so i lowered those but i'am now at a point where those don't provide not enought Air to cool my PLA prints.

    So i could try to modify my Fans but i wanna know is there a other Way to get better results?0_1549122433228_fans.jpg

  • That is why you should always use silicone sock. You fans a blowing partly directly at the block, since you have a cooper block they will take away even more heat.

  • @dragonn But the Fan in the Front shouldn't affect this issue in the Back is the Problem i belive.
    I will try this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1487467
    I hope it helps or i have to buy a new Silicon Sock...

  • You can make you own https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2343612 they are even better because the original E3D sock sometimes falls off (I secure them with a wire).

  • I like the Kapton and ceramic cotton wraps, they are a pain in the ash to get tidy, but properly installed, they won't come off.

    I have yet to thermal a hotend with this setup.

  • I have a similar issue with the copper block, I run the sock and max fan speed of 60% or else I get runaway

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    I think part of the issue is that the copper block increases the dead time because of its higher thermal mass. You can try reducing the dead time (D parameter in your M307 command) to get a faster PID response. If you set it too low then the temperature will oscillate. Also check that you don't have any M301 commands in config.g or config-override.g.

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