M586 T1 ... how does it work?

  • I am trying to enable SFTP / SSH on my Duet Wifi running RRF 2.0.2 and I am havig trouble doing this using the M586 command.

    The documentation at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M586_Configure_network_protocols says

    Tnn 0 = don't use TLS, 1 = use TLS. Ignored unless S = 1. If this parameter is not provided, then TLS will be used if the firmware supports it and a security certificate has been configured. If T1 is given but the firmware does not support TLS or no certificate is available, then the protocol will not be enabled and an error message will be returned.


    Pnn Protocol: 0 = HTTP or HTTPS, 1 = FTP or SFTP, 2 = Telnet or SSH (which of the two choices depends on the T parameter)

    What seems to be missing (or, at least, I seem to miss) is

    • documentation about installing certificates (self signed or proper ones, i.e. importing my own root cert for home use or LetsEncrypt trickery)
    • Examples how to use this for SFTP/SSH which do not need certificates. The naive attempts of running M586 P1 S1 T1 or M586 P2 S1 T1 yield an error Error: M586: Invalid protocol parameter

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    The current Duets don't support TLS, so T1 in M586 doesn't work.

  • Thanks; I can stop trying then (-:

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    I've added a note to the description of M586 in the wiki.

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