Delta linear rails

  • Hi...

    I d like mod my delta, changing movement system of tower carriages. I am interested in do this with linear rails...

    But I have a lot of dudes:

    • What model I have to search, for the moment I have see two stores ( robodigg, aliexpress), this model Aliexpress linear raiks
    • When motors stops, I suppose carriage drops. How I manage this? Some kind of parking brake and include at the end / cancel of a print a homing routine?
    • In my actual homigdelta.g, towers go to Endstops, and after hit them, go down 10 mm, and after go up other time.... The parking brakes are compatible with this routine?
    • Someone have a link of an detailed explain of the process, for the moment I have see this.. [TLM linear rails](Tevo Little Monster linear rail upgrade parts found on #Thingiverse, it's not mandatory of TLM...

  • I only have a cheap Anycubic delta, it has linear rails, they are simple to install and are very stable, a side effect is they also stiffen the frame.

    I also have an FT-5 with all linear rails (minus the Z axis) I have next to zero slop and as such, it manages very good accuracy and minimal ghosting.

    You should not need any kind of mechanical device or special command to hold the arms stationary after homing- you should not have any problems with the print head falling after a print unless you have a very heavy setup.

    If you are worried about the head coming down and melting a freshly done print, you can tell the end g-code to either wait a pre-determined time, to allow it to cool before letting go of the steppers, or you can tell it to wait for temp to lower.

    I only had this issue with a overly heavy flying extruder.

  • Hi,

    You can find suitable linear rails on Amazon as well.

    You won't need any sort of brake.

    I also replaced all of my arms, rail arm mounts and effector plates with magball compatible units.

    These are the arms:

    The rail arm mounts and effector plates I designed and printed myself.

    You will also want something like this:

    Which are mounted at the end of the rails and serve two purposes. One serve as a mount for you endstop microswitch and they prevent the rail carriage block from sliding off the end of the rails.

  • @fcwilt i have see in Amazon... linear guides MGM12, reach to 550 mm, i almost need 650/700mm. The guides what reach 700 mm, in amazon, comes in 2 pack... i need 2 packs, and dont use 1....


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