External fan mosfet module?

  • Like so many others, I’ve blown up a fan mosfet. I’ve just rerouted things and when I ran short on fan outputs, I threw the hotend cooler fan to an always on output. This worked fine when it was a 12 volt system, but which my having upgraded everything to 24v, it’s louder now. It’s sounds like I’m hiding a drone in my office!

    I don’t have a heat gun, nor do I know anybody with the skills to do such delicate work for me. I have a duex2 laying around for a build I had planned a while back but bailed on, but I don’t want to try and fit an entire duex under the build plate for the sake of one loud fan.

    Is there a way to use some sort of external mosfet board to control fan speed? Can it be configured under reprapfirmware to function thermostatically?

    I’m sure I read something like this was possible but I have not been able to find it.

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    Is the E1 heater output free? If so, in firmware 2.02 you can map the faulty fan channel to it. See the A parameter of the M106 command.

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